What does the new Birthday Mini feature in Snapchat mean?


Snapchat has added a new way to remember friends' birthdays and share the celebration within the app, using the new Birthday Mini reminder tool, which provides an overview of friends' birthdays, and access to special festive features, such as augmented reality lenses, to help Celebrating the occasion.

The app said, see the list of upcoming and recent birthdays, as well as birthdays organized by the Zodiac Sign, wish your friends a Merry Christmas with unique stickers and fun lenses to celebrate, you can even count down your birthday.

The move presents a huge opportunity, as much of Facebook's use depends on extensions, as users log in to see if there are any upcoming birthdays, and stay up to date with key news about family and friends within the app.

At the same time, the Birthdays Mini widget will not display your friend's exact birthday or age, similarly, other users of the platform will not see the same information about you, nor will you see the birthdays of friends who have not agreed to display in the application.

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