What does the new Story Studio photo-editing app mean from Snapchat?


Snapchat, the developer of the Snapchat application, has launched a new application that helps users edit video clips via mobile, which is known as Story Studio.

This app provides users with specially designed editing tools for portable or vertical videos, Story Studio pulls data from Snapchat and a Spotlight feature to help people figure out how and what they are doing.

While the new application focuses on content makers and gives them many editing tools so that they can make the content look as professional as possible, and by using Story Studio, you can see what is popular on Snapchat, and it includes sounds, themes, and lenses, and in this way, you can remix popular content and create your content The private.

And Story Studio allows you to crop your footage with fine-tuning of the frame, add captions, stickers, and other visual elements, and take advantage of the company's list of licensed music, along with the ability to save a project and edit it later, and when you're done editing, you can share the video with Snapchat - you can use it to post a story or Spotlight video.

Story Studio also works with other platforms, and you can save the project or export the video to other apps on your phone.

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