What is the dancing cactus game and how can it echo the voices of the players?


The game "Dancing Cactus Plush Toy" recently arrived in Egypt and its echo spread on social media sites, where the game included a technique that makes it repeat everything its user says to it and dances while doing so, and it can also sing with the release of some Lights, which are now available on Amazon.

The game works in a very easy way for children, which makes it more popular, as the child can just move the play button to work with him and start repeating what the person says.

This toy is powered by charging batteries, and its accessories include a USB connection, and this cactus can sing and dance, there are 3 steady songs that are Polish cow, congo from Mandi classic, African classical music.

This kid's education toy is 12.6 inches high and weighs approximately 0.46 lbs, the electronic plush dancing cactus toy swings and sings joyful songs.

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