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What is the difference between blue twitter and the regular platform?


Recent reports revealed that the Twitter network is working on a subscription service called Twitter Blue or Twitter Blue, which costs users $ 2.99 per month, and the technology giant had previously confirmed exploring the concept of users who pay for certain features, but a researcher in the application is now called That he has evidence of his plans.

What is Twitter Blue?

Rumors indicate that Twitter Blue is similar to Twitter but with new and exclusive features. The famous blogger and leaked Jane Manchun Wong recently tweeted: Twitter is connecting to the upcoming subscription service Twitter Blue, at a price of $ 2.99 per month at the moment, including paid features such as Undo Tweets.

The blogger included screenshots next to the tweet that appeared to offer a new feature called bookmark groups and suggested that paying users could start saving their favorite tweets in the group space.

It's a bit like how Instagram now has a saved section for all your favorite Instagram posts, and Wong also tweeted: Twitter also works on a tiered subscription pricing model, with one category having more paid features than the other, for example, Users on the higher-priced levels can enjoy premium experiences, such as a clutter-free news reading experience.


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