What is the meaning of the emoji pleading face?


The emoticons or emojis of the WhatsApp messaging app have gained so much popularity that they even made a movie in reference to them and even have their own world day that is celebrated every July 17 of each year. These traditional yellow icons were designed with the purpose of expressing a feeling during the course of the conversation, therefore, this time we are going to know the true meaning of the 'pleading face', considered one of the most used emojis by users on social networks.

Most WhatsApp users thought that with the arrival of stickers to the app in 2018, the classic emoticons were going to go down in history and they were going to stop being used; however, Mark Zuckerberg's platform added many more than to date there are more than three thousand.

They are divided into the following sections: Emoticons and people, animals and nature, food and drinks, activities, trips and places, objects, symbols, and flags. In the first section is the emoji 'supplicating face', this icon was recently incorporated into social networks and that is why it does not appear in the first places of the Emojitracker page, a portal that counts in real-time the most used emojis in Twitter

The 'pleading face' is shown with a frown and large glowing eyes as if it were a sad puppy. This was created to convey supplication in the first place, also, it can be used in contexts where you think something is adorable or receive a loving gesture. Its use in WhatsApp can be accompanied by the crossed hands emoji to try to convince someone or to do you a favor.

Other names of these emoji

  • Bright Eyes.

  • Begging.

  • Simp.

  • Face with pleading eyes.

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