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What is the relationship of Facebook to stop the publications of the Palestinian cause?


At a time when social networking sites, on their various platforms, are buzzing with hashtags and publications in support of the Palestinian cause in the wake of the Sheikh Jarrah crisis, many social media users have come out complaining that they have been banned and their activities restricted on Facebook, as well as Deleting accounts and suspending interaction for a period of one month, which led many to think of alternative methods, including the use of writing without putting points on words.

The beginning of the story of the Facebook crisis

The beginning of the story began with the mention of a report published by the British Broadcasting Corporation, according to which Palestinian and Arab activists have complained of restrictions or blocking of their accounts on social media after they shared posts in support of the Palestinian cause, The Sada Social platform, which is concerned with defending the digital rights of Palestinians, recorded more than two hundred violations against Palestinian content

According to complaints from Facebook activists, some people received messages stating that they were banned for a month from writing posts, commenting on others posts, and broadcasting videos through the site due to the presence of one of the publications that violated the site’s conventions and charters. For users to re-evaluate and review the app.

According to the New York Times newspaper, a large number of users were surprised that they could not publish pictures of Al-Aqsa Mosque, or write its name after trying more than once on the site Instagram linking the matter to Facebook companies censoring the content of events between Palestinians and Israelis.

Accordingly, the Instagram platform issued a statement apologizing and explaining that the deletion of Al-Aqsa Mosque pictures or hashtags related to it was the result of a technical error related to content reviews.

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