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WhatsApp for iPhone will soon receive exclusive transcribing voice messages into text

The team of the popular messenger WhatsApp has begun testing a new convenient feature - converting voice messages to text.

This feature will be very convenient in conditions when for some reason you cannot listen to the message, but you can read it. Previously, this functionality was not built into the messenger itself, although it could be implemented using third-party applications.

The innovation in the next beta version of WhatsApp drew attention to the thematic resource WABetaInfo. This feature is optional and features Apple Speech Recognition technology. The user must give permission to send data to Apple servers for decryption.

Then a new Transcript section with decryption appears, in which it is also possible to jump to a specific place in the message. The decrypted message is saved in the local WhatsApp database and if you need to view the message again, you will not need to re-send the data to the Apple servers.

As you might guess, the function is implemented in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, but there is no information about the similar capabilities of WhatsApp for Android yet. The feature should be activated by beta testers soon.

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