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WhatsApp is preparing to implement its threat to its users


Today, the WhatsApp chat application begins to implement its promise to its users who have not yet agreed to the privacy policy, which was announced for the first time a few months ago, and which provides for linking and sharing users data on WhatsApp with the Facebook application to serve ads.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, WhatsApp starting today, Saturday, May 15, which is the deadline for the deadline that has been set aside for users to agree to the terms of the privacy policy, which, when not activated, will be able to receive calls and notifications, but they will not be able to read or send messages. Of application gradually over the coming days.

During the next few weeks, the WhatsApp backup will be completely deleted, as users will lose the entire WhatsApp backup, however, the company gives users the option to keep a backup copy of their accounts before deletion.

WhatsApp will continue after the date of May 15 to urge users to accept the privacy policy, with the features of answering voice calls as well as making video calls, but after a period of time, they may not be able to make voice and video calls and respond to them in the application if they continue to ignore Agree to the terms.

At this stage, users must choose: Either accept the new terms, or actually prevent them from using WhatsApp at all, such as deleting the entire backup copy of WhatsApp, and when the WhatsApp account is not used for 120 days or activated, it will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to restore it again.

The WhatsApp privacy policy states that companies will have the option to use secure hosting services from Facebook to manage WhatsApp conversations with their customers and to answer questions.

Companies will be able to send information such as purchase receipts, so if you communicate with a company, they can see what they say and then use this information for marketing, which may include advertising on Facebook, as conversations with companies that use Facebook hosting services will be clearly classified.

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