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WhatsApp users will receive cashback for payments


WhatsApp is testing a new feature for its in-app payment service. The messaging app will soon be able to offer its users a partial refund on payments. This feature is currently being tested and no official release is known yet.

WhatsApp's new payments feature could be India-exclusive (or launch in India first). In a beta test that WABetaInfo studied, the cashback is capped at 10 rupees per payment, but it can be increased by the time the feature is officially launched.

WABetaInfo also reports that users can only get one cashback. However, it is unclear if this means that WhatsApp will end up giving you a one-time cashback when you use the feature, or if it will be credited with every payment. There is also confusion as to whether this cashback will only be for new users or for existing users too.

In the beta version, the message "Get cashback on the next payment" is displayed above the chat list. By clicking on it, you can test the function.

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