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WhatsApp will allow community managers to choose who will be allowed to enter the group

WhatsApp is working on developing a new option for activating a joining system that will allow group administrators to choose which new users can join their WhatsApp group manually, according to a new screenshot published on the WABetaInfo website that comes from a new beta version of the application.

After announcing the addition of the option to silently leave WhatsApp groups, the company is taking another and much more important step for group administrators, the ability to individually approve the entry of new users to the group, this is in contrast to the existing situation where any WhatsApp user with a link to the group can join automatically using the group's link.

In the screenshot obtained by the site from the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, you can see a new definition of "Approve new participants" (Approve new participants) in the group settings, when there is an additional screen that will appear for the group administrators, with a list of all new users who wish to join the group, with the option to confirm or prevent them from joining the group.

The option to approve new group members is currently under development only, so it is impossible to know when it will become available for all WhatsApp users.

While regular WhatsApp users might not realize how important the new feature is, group admins will be very happy to have it given the obvious problem of spreading the group joins link not only to the people it's intended for, allowing spammers to join groups as well.

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