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WhatsApp will allow you to choose the quality of the photos and videos before sending them

A WhatsApp beta update for Android, exactly version, is adding quality options to send videos and images without compressing them too much, which are in development.

Currently, WhatsApp does not allow you to choose the quality and automatically compresses the images and videos to fit your maximum limit. This new option is being developed, while WhatsApp prepares to launch public tests of one of its most anticipated functions: multi-device compatibility.

According to the WABetaInfo portal, the application released a small update and while searching the code it was found that the platform is working so that users choose the best quality to send videos and images.

New WhatsApp features

At the moment, the maximum file size allowed in WhatsApp for any file, be it photos, videos, or voice messages, is 16 MB. While its competitor, Telegram, allows up to 2 GB of file sharing.

The WhatsApp beta update reveals three options that users will be able to choose from Automatic, Better Quality, and Data Saver.

WhatsApp has also been preparing support for multiple devices and a beta test will be launched very soon. This feature will allow users to log in with the same account on up to four devices simultaneously.

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