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WhatsApp will allow you to hide your visibility and other information for certain contacts

WhatsApp has announced that it is going to make major changes to its privacy settings to provide more flexibility for the user when it comes to sharing their online status and other personal information with WhatsApp users.

This feature will be available on both Android and iOS. It will allow platform users to hide their status from a specific contact. This also means that if you do not want the person to know this information, you can add them to the new restricted list.

If you turn off your status information for a specific user, then the restriction will apply to other information as well, such as profile pictures and general information. This will work both ways: if you want to hide information from someone about when you were online, you will also not be able to see their last visit status. A new privacy feature is currently under development and will soon be available to beta testers.

Recently, WhatsApp announced the transfer of chats between iPhone and Android, while WhatsApp users themselves criticize the developers because only iOS users can transfer their chats to Android smartphones. Telegram responded to the WhatsApp innovation by posting a meme that directly hints that WhatsApp is years behind Telegram.

Telegram recalled that the messenger implements automatic backup of all chats in the cloud and that its users can switch from iOS to Android and vice versa without the need for migration.

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