When to use the WhatsApp relieved face emoji


The arrival of Stickers to WhatsApp was not enough to overshadow or replace the classic emoticons, since many users continue to send and receive these traditional yellow icons that have accompanied the app since it entered the virtual market in 2009. In The next note, we are going to show you the meaning of the 'relieved face' emoji, considered one of the most popular on social networks.

Millions of users around the world incorrectly send some emoticons on WhatsApp every day, such as: when we share the 'white heart' to our partner to express all the love we feel for him or her because this I believe to show love, know its meaning here. The same situation occurs with the 'relieved face' emoji.

Currently, WhatsApp has more than 3,000 emoticons that are divided into the following categories: Emoticons and people, animals and nature, food and drinks, activities, trips and places, objects, symbols, and flags.

According to Emojitracker, a platform that is dedicated to counting the emojis used in real-time through Twitter places the 'relieved face' in the 23rd position below the 'laughing face with tears, which occupies the first, 'the heart', the 'tearful face', among other important ones.

According to Emojipedia, the 'relieved face' is shown with closed eyes in a "U" shape, arched eyebrows, and a slight smile. This was created to convey pleasant feelings such as: peace, calm, relief, joy, and tranquility. Now that you know its meaning, you can use it or share it in an appropriate context.

Other names of emoji

  • Contents.

  • Satisfied.

  • Relieved face.

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