When you drift with an SUV on the beach, things like this can happen

There are many videos that flood social networks and whose protagonists are a series of cars that, in their attempt to encourage the masses or simply for the sheer amusement of the driver, skid with very bad luck. If we incorporate a heavy vehicle in the formula, with a high center of gravity and a setting as inappropriate as the shoreline of the beach, it is likely that the end result will not be the desired one.

Unwanted ending

The most recent example is with this Toyota Fortuner, which was seriously damaged after it suffered an accident in Pakistan. The video posted on the Facebook page of the Offroad Pakistan club shows a white specimen driving along the beach just before the incident. In fact, the driver of the Japanese SUV was deliberately performing various skids in the company of other passengers who would never expect to end up the way they did.

There appears to be a passenger in the front seat and passengers in the rear of the Fortuner at the time. As the driver makes the turn progressively more pronounced, his distance with respect to the sea decreases, and this has a very negative consequence since the Japanese SUV ends up overturning as soon as it touches a more generous amount of water. This caused it to end up on its side, so it took the presence of another SUV and some manpower to put it back in its natural position.

Once supported on its four wheels, all the damages come to light and it is that the maneuver has caused significant damage to the Toyota Fortuner. As we can see in the video we refer to, the right front tire has come off the rim, while the side panels and doors are badly dented. Also, the driver's window was smashed, but surprisingly all the other glass appears to have escaped without damage.

The driver was unharmed

The Facebook page indicates that the driver was not injured in the accident, but does not mention the other occupants. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that driving on sand, especially when you're near water, requires certain precautions and is not the ideal place for skidding, especially if you're in a raised vehicle.

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