Who is helping BYD to win the sales crown?

April sales dominated the domestic auto market, where did BYD sell? According to data from the Passenger Federation, in April, BYD sold 104,770 new cars in a single month, surpassing the previous monthly sales champion FAW-Volkswagen, which only sold 81,091 new cars. Good car company.

After completing this initiative, I believe many people want to know the answer to the above question. However, for a long time, car companies only announced their sales but did not announce where their products were mainly sold.

A few days ago, the number of domestic new energy vehicles insured in April was officially released, and this data can perfectly answer this question. This data shows where the vehicle is in danger, so you can also see the regional distribution of car companies' sales.

In addition, the record is the data of vehicle purchase insurance, that is to say, the data represents the specific number of vehicles sold to consumers, which is relatively real sales data. Therefore, this data is very critical for figuring out BYD's real sales. The car stuff also analyzed BYD's sales data for the first time and found the real situation of BYD's sales.

So, which regions do consumers prefer to buy BYD cars? Which models of BYD are responsible for its main sales? Car things bring you to reveal the secret together.

Hybrid cars sell best, and consumers pay more attention to cost performance.

According to the data on the amount of insurance coverage, BYD registered a total of 88,984 new vehicles for insurance coverage in April this year, mainly including pure electric models and hybrid models. According to Chedongxi statistics, there are a total of 46,113 pure electric vehicles, and the remaining 42,871 are hybrid models. The overall sales volume ranks first among domestic new energy vehicle companies.

So what are BYD's best-selling cars right now? The car thing made a summary of the insurance coverage of BYD's models and found ten models with the best insurance coverage.

BYD’s top ten cars with the highest insurance coverage in April
BYD’s top ten cars with the highest insurance coverage in April

From the table data, BYD has launched two best-selling cars with monthly sales exceeding 10,000, and both of these cars use the DM-i super hybrid system, which shows that consumers are very fond of such hybrid models. high.

In the top ten models, a total of 4 models have adopted hybrid systems, and the products include SUVs and sedans, which are more comprehensive.

However, in terms of quantity, pure electric models still have a slight upper hand. Among them, Dolphin and Yuan PLUS, two relatively small models, are the models with the highest insurance coverage.

The Dolphin model has maintained a good sales volume since its launch, and Yuan PLUS has also had a stable sales output since its launch, indicating that this market still has great potential to be developed.

Han EV and Qin PLUS EV have maintained their advantages in different price ranges of Jia sedan. BYD Han EV once became BYD's best-selling model, and it already has a certain influence in the 200,000+ market. Qin PLUS EV also has a certain market foundation in the range of 100,000 to 200,000 cars with its new appearance design and excellent product quality. In the next period of time, these two cars may have a good market performance.

Overall, the insurance coverage of these ten models reached 76,684 vehicles, accounting for 86% of the total upper limit. It is BYD's well-deserved main sales model.

So, which of these models are selling better?

Best-selling versions of BYD’s top ten models with insurance coverage in April
Best-selling versions of BYD’s top ten models with insurance coverage in April

As can be seen from the table, on the Song PLUS DM-i model, consumers pay more attention to the price of the vehicle and pure electric battery life. The price of the flagship PLUS is in the middle of multiple versions, which is more easily accepted by people. The pure battery life of this version is the longest of all versions.

On the Qin PLUS DM-i model, consumers pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness and buy more entry-level versions. If they want longer battery life, they need to increase their budget.

Consumers have similar demands when purchasing Dolphin models and Yuan PLUS, mainly focusing on two aspects of price and battery life. Therefore, the more cost-effective Dolphin Free Edition and Yuan PLUS Basic are chosen by more consumers.

On other models, consumers will also give priority to the two factors of battery life and price, and the price is still the first consideration, basically, not many users buy the top version.

From the data point of view, the insurance data of these ten versions is 35,865, which basically accounts for 47% of the insurance coverage of these ten models.

Overall, BYD's model sales are very balanced. In the 100,000-200,000 market, there are various models to choose from, including SUVs, sedans, and even different power types. In the 200,000-level market, there are also Han and Tang models. There are two cars to choose from, and they also have different power types.

With its multi-model strategy, BYD has already made good achievements in the new energy market. At present, BYD has launched the Dynasty series and the Ocean series at the same time, which also means that more models will be unveiled in the future. From this point of view Look, it's very likely that BYD's sales will continue to grow.

Province list: Guangdong is the base camp, and the south is the best-selling

After reading BYD's best-selling models, let's answer the question at the beginning of the article, where are BYD's cars sold?

First, let's take a look at the distribution of BYD's insurance coverage from a macro perspective.

Throughout April, BYD's insurance coverage in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) was 88,984, making it the new energy vehicle company with the highest insurance coverage in China, and its products have spread all over the country.

BYD’s list of provincial insurance volumes in April
BYD’s list of provincial insurance volumes in April

From the table above, BYD's home base, Guangdong, is still its main market. In April, 19,055 new cars were insured in Guangdong province alone, accounting for 21.4% of BYD's insured volume. The market position is very obvious.

In addition to Guangdong, economically strong provinces such as Zhejiang and Jiangsu also have good insurance data. Zhejiang has 7,768 vehicles, ranking second among all provinces, while Jiangsu has 6,587 vehicles. , ranked third among all provinces. Population provinces such as Shandong and Henan also exported more than 5,000 vehicles in danger, closely following Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

From the table, BYD's top ten provinces have a total of 61,911 vehicles, accounting for 69.4% of the total, and they are BYD's main markets.

Among the top ten, southern provinces occupy six seats, namely Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hunan, and Hubei. From this point of view, BYD's main market is still concentrated in the southern region.

From the perspective of the distribution of the entire amount of insurance coverage, it is also in line with this market pattern. The last few provinces in the list of insurance coverage belong to the northern and northwestern regions.

It is worth mentioning that in April, BYD's insurance coverage in Beijing and Shanghai, the two largest cities in China, was not high, and even 66 new cars were insured in Shanghai.

This is also inseparable from the impact of the epidemic. Judging from the total amount of insurance, there were only 333 new energy vehicles in Shanghai in April, including 246 pure electric vehicles, and this phenomenon has basically never happened before.

On the whole, the southern region is still the main battlefield of BYD. On the premise of ensuring the southern market, it is also gradually developing the northern market. Some more developed provinces in the north, such as Shandong and Henan, also have a good market foundation. For a long time to come, BYD's basic domestic sales should still be in this pattern.

City list: Shenzhen leads the way, with the top 20 cities accounting for over 50%

Outside the province, in which cities does BYD sell better? We have also made an analysis of the city's insurance volume, and here only the top 20 cities are selected.

BYD’s list of cities on risk in April
BYD’s list of cities on risk in April

It is not surprising that Shenzhen ranks first. BYD, as a company born and raised in Shenzhen, is relatively recognized by local consumers. Therefore, in April, BYD had 6,609 new cars in Shenzhen alone.

In other cities, BYD's insurance coverage is not as prominent as Shenzhen's.

Foshan is the city with the second-highest insurance coverage by BYD, with a total of 3,876 vehicles. This data is somewhat surprising. Although it is also a strong economic city in Guangdong, Foshan has not had a prominent influence on new energy vehicles before.

Except for Shenzhen and Foshan, BYD's other cities have insurance coverage below 3,000 vehicles. Tianjin is the northern city with the highest BYD insurance coverage, with a total of 2,965 new vehicles being insured. Beijing also has 2,426 new cars covered by insurance, making it the second-highest northern city for BYD.

Chengdu and Chongqing have 2,900 and 2,454 insured vehicles respectively, which can be ranked 4 and 6 in the city list respectively, which shows that BYD also has a good sales performance in the southwest region.

As the capital cities of the two provinces with the highest amount of insurance coverage, Guangzhou and Hangzhou are not very prominent in terms of insurance coverage. BYD has only 2,596 new cars on insurance in Guangzhou, ranking fifth; in Hangzhou, only 2,303 new cars are on insurance, ranking seventh.

The two northern provincial capitals, Xi'an and Zhengzhou, became the top ten gatekeepers, with 1,903 and 1,850 new cars on insurance respectively.

If you only look at the top ten, the difference between BYD's insurance coverage in northern and southern cities is not too big. There are 6 southern cities and 4 northern cities, which seems to be relatively balanced.

But if you look at the top 20 cities, this situation will undergo a relatively big change. Among the 20 cities with the highest insurance coverage by BYD, 15 cities are located in the south, and only a new northern city, Qingdao, has been added.

This also confirms that BYD's main market is in the south, and even the center of gravity of the entire new energy vehicle market is in the south.

In addition, the regional distribution of BYD's new energy vehicle insurance coverage is also uneven. A total of 42,637 new vehicles were insured in the top 20 cities, accounting for almost half of BYD's insurance coverage in April. There are currently 663 cities across the country. (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions).

As a leading company, BYD's insurance coverage can also reflect the market structure of the new energy vehicle industry from the side. From this point of view, in the popularization of new energy vehicles, various car companies still have a lot of work to do.

Pure electricity is concentrated in the south, and Beijing users are more willing to buy

BYD completely stopped the production and sales of fuel vehicles in March this year, and its product camp is mainly divided into pure electric and hybrid power types.

So what exactly is the risk of this type of power? We have also classified and summarized according to the city, first of all, let's take a look at the pure electric market.

BYD’s April list of pure electric vehicle insurance coverage in cities
BYD’s April list of pure electric vehicle insurance coverage in cities

Similar to the overall sales volume, Shenzhen and Foshan are still the two cities with the highest insurance volumes, but not very prominent. A total of 2,585 new cars were insured in Shenzhen, while 2,287 new cars were insured in Foshan.

Consumers in Beijing clearly prefer BYD's pure electric products. In April, BYD had 1,886 new cars covered by insurance in Beijing, accounting for more than 70% of BYD's insurance coverage in Beijing.

Thanks to the climatic conditions, southern users seem to prefer pure electric models. Judging from the ranking of BYD's pure electric insurance volume, 8 of the top ten cities are southern cities, and the only two northern cities are Beijing and Tianjin.

Among the top 20, there are five northern cities, including Qingdao, Zhengzhou, and Xi'an. These five cities are relatively well-developed cities in the northern cities, and the energy supplement system is also better. , so it is not surprising that the amount of pure electric insurance is relatively high.

On the whole, a total of 21,634 pure electric vehicles have been registered for insurance in these 20 cities of BYD. According to the data of the top 20 cities in BYD's overall insurance volume (42,637 vehicles), the insurance of pure electric vehicles is more than half of the volume.

The market share of hybrid vehicles has increased, or it may become the main product

After reading the insurance coverage of pure electric vehicles, let's take a look at the insurance coverage of hybrid vehicles. Due to the change in the power type, the ranking of the number of cars of this type in each city has also undergone some changes.

Shenzhen is still BYD's main market. Throughout April, BYD had a total of 4,014 hybrid vehicles on insurance in Shenzhen, far exceeding the situation of pure electric vehicles in the region. It can be seen that consumers in Shenzhen are fond of hybrid vehicles. higher.

Consumers in Tianjin are similar to those in Shenzhen. A total of 2,040 hybrid models have been registered for insurance, accounting for nearly 70% of BYD's total insurance coverage in Tianjin.

It can also be seen from the table that users in northern cities are also more receptive to hybrid models. Among the top ten cities, there are three northern cities with more than 1,000 insurance vehicles.

Among the top 20 cities, a total of 6 northern cities are on the list. Although the overall number is not much compared to southern cities, there has been some progress.

From this point of view, the hybrid model may become one of the best tools to open the northern market.

On the whole, the market share of BYD's hybrid models is also rapidly increasing, with the top 20 cities contributing 21,303 vehicles in total. Although not as many as pure electric, it is very close.

And this is just the initial performance of BYD's hybrid model capacity increase. In the long run, hybrid models may become BYD's main product.

BYD is firmly in the first echelon of domestic new energy

Judging from BYD's insurance volume data, BYD's advantages in the new energy vehicle market are very obvious. The models have the most comprehensive layout among domestic car companies, covering almost every market segment, and can even provide pure electric and hybrid power types.

At the technical level, BYD's blade battery also has a good reputation among consumers, and it has pushed the lithium iron phosphate battery back to the middle of the stage by itself.

At the same time, BYD is still striving to make up for its own shortcomings in intelligence and has successively established cooperation with Momenta, Baidu, and Horizon.

Judging from the current market trend, BYD has not experienced a downturn, which will also help BYD to rank in the first echelon of domestic new energy vehicles in the future.

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