Why can't America abandon Russian rocket engines to reach space?

The Russian military expert, Alexei Leonov, commented on the approval of the United States government to purchase the new Russian engines RD-181M for use in launching American missiles into space, explaining in an interview with Radio "Sputnik" the reason why the United States did not abandon the use of Russian engines despite the penalties imposed.

He said, the most important factor is that the Russian engines are the best in the world, as they allow the launch of various payloads with high reliability, to different orbits, according to the mission of the transport rocket. The Americans tried to make an engine analog to the Russian RD-180 engine, but the capacity of the BE-4 engine they produced was half the capacity of the Russian engine, meaning that they were not able to obtain the same characteristics and specifications of the Russian RD-180 engine, so how will they get The engine has similar characteristics to the new RD-181M engine despite having advanced technologies in the field of materials science. Therefore, it is easy to buy engines, because, despite the sanctions, cooperation in the field of space rocket engines continues.

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