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Why did the Italian competition authority accuse Google of violating the monopoly rules?


The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) announced that it decided to fine Google a large sum of money after it decided that the latter violates monopoly rules with applications belonging to some companies in Italy, according to RT.

According to the information available, ICA decided on May 13 to fine Google 100 million euros (about 120 million dollars), for not allowing an Italian company to run an application through the Android Auto platforms.

The company, Enel Group, specializing in the fields of energy, had filed a complaint against Google in 2019 due to the latter's failure to download the Enel X Recharge application through the Android Auto platforms, noting that this application helps to find electric vehicle charging locations, and this feature Google had added to its digital maps Since 2018.

In addition to the fine, ICA called on Google to allow Enel Group applications to work across Android Auto platforms, as well as reduce restrictions on other applications for these platforms.

For its part, Google indicated that it is inconsistent with the decisions of ICA and said in a statement issued by the first priority in Android Auto is to ensure that applications can be used safely while driving, for this reason, we have strict guidelines on the types of applications currently supported and based on tests of distraction drivers. Regulatory and industry standards. Thousands of apps are already compatible with Android Auto, and our goal is to allow more developers to make their apps available over time.


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