Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others?


Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes prefer to suck some people's blood and tend to ignore others? Despite popular belief, this does not mean they have the sweetest blood. In fact, the pesky insects which feed on human blood to hatch their eggs are attracted to the emissions of carbon dioxide and lactic acid. As a result, they tend to bite more adults, as they emit more carbon dioxide when they breathe and sweat than children.

Tall people and pregnant women are also in the risk zone, as they generate more lactic acid. At the same time, some people's skin is known to emit a kind of natural repellent that keeps insects away.

The type of blood also influences the activity of mosquitoes. People with group 0 blood are the most attracted to these tiny insects: they bite twice as much as those in groups A and B.

Insects also prefer certain colors. Black and red are his favorites, while yellow and green are not to his liking. The smells are also important: mosquitoes love the smell of especially alcohol, beer, and floral and citrus perfumes.

But what should you do if a mosquito has attacked you? First, clean the bite with soap and water. Then apply an ice pack to reduce inflammation and itching. Finally, if the swelling doesn't go away and the sting bothers you, take an antihistamine.

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