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Why some Instagram users are unhappy with the new sensitive content filter


Earlier this week, Facebook announced a new feature that would allow Instagram users to see how much potentially sensitive content they might view and take action accordingly, and now, many users are complaining that the new sensitive content filter is blocking their posts.

Creators and people from all kinds of societies, including the art world, tattoo artists, and the cannabis industry, face similar issues with their publications.

The new feature allows Instagram users to limit the amount of sensitive content that appears in the Explore tab, giving Instagram users the ability to stop comments or restrict someone from interacting with them, and regardless of the filter, putting all types of sensitive content under one umbrella is the biggest problem.

Instagram said that creators do not have to worry, while an Instagram spokesperson was quoted as saying in the report: “The change will not have any impact on what users see in their feed or in Stories, as we will continue to show the posts from people they follow.”

Users can decide whether to keep the setting in its default state, limit, watch more, allow, reduce some types of sensitive content, or select more, and the social network said its community guidelines determine what kind of content can be on Instagram. The goal of these guidelines is to keep people safe.

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