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Wildberries have introduced a commission when paying using foreign payment systems Visa and Master

Online retailer Wildberries, the largest in Russia, announced a new policy on payment for goods.

The Wildberries press service presents the innovation as lower prices for goods when paying through Russian payment systems. However, in fact, the company introduced a commission when paying using foreign payment systems such as Visa and Mastercard. The commission is 2%.

Without commission, you can pay for goods using domestic systems - "Mir", SBP (Fast Payments System), and SberPay. The press service explains the step of the Wildberries administration as follows:

Since August 16, 2021, Wildberries have reduced prices taking into account the size of payment commissions, which were previously taken into account in the cost of goods. Taking into account the fact that payment systems set various commissions, now buyers can independently choose which payment system is more convenient and profitable for them to use.

As we can see in the screenshots, the price of the product does not change in the Wildberries mobile application and web version. Depending on the chosen payment method, the buyer either pays an additional commission (Visa and Mastercard), or not (Mir, SBP, and SberPay).

This contradicts the statements of Wildberries, as well as the general practice adopted in Russian retail - commissions are deducted to payment systems, but they are immediately included in the price of the goods and the buyer is in blissful ignorance.

The Consumer Protection Law states:

When paying for goods (works, services), the seller (performer) is prohibited from setting different prices for one type of goods (works, services) depending on the method of payment for them by cash or within the framework of the applied forms of non-cash payments. "

Since Wildberries does not change the price of the product itself, but only adds or does not add a commission, the legislation, in this case, is not violated.

Visa's press office has already commented on the Wildberries' new policy, expressing concern:

Visa is concerned about Wildberries decision to start charging a commission when paying for goods with Visa cards in Russia. We consistently oppose this practice because we are convinced that such actions have a negative impact not only on consumers but also on the business itself.

Visa is going to investigate the Wildberries decision.

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