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Will Android applications come to the Microsoft Store in the Windows 11 operating system?

Microsoft talks about the Windows operating system on June 24, and before the expected date, some leaks appeared on the new Windows 11 operating system, which included some evidence that Microsoft may be working on a native Android emulator for Windows, according to a new report issued About MSPoweruser.

Providing the report with a specific entry in the changelog is for the latest Windows subsystem for Linux where the logs contain two specific commands for Android. The report highlights fixing the android emulator window not moving when there is no window and another fixing the android emulator window not moving and crashing when minimized.

And the Windows subsystem for Linux is designed for developers, so it's no surprise to see Android mentioned, the change likely only points to bugs developers might encounter when working on their apps, yet there's still a slight chance it could be something bigger.

Microsoft may use emulation in the Windows subsystem for Linux as a basis for bringing native Android apps to Windows and the Microsoft Store. At the end of 2020, rumors indicated that Microsoft was working with developers to do so, with a project known as Latte.

And since most of the apps rely on Google Play Services, the range of Android apps you work with will be limited. But with Android flags in the changelog, this indicates that it may in fact be a reality for the next version of Windows.

But Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may have seemed to be raising this issue during Build 2021, in his keynote, stating that "soon we will share one of the most important updates to Windows in the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunities for developers and creators.

Nadella did not stop there and also noted that he welcomes every content creator looking for the most innovative, new, and open platform for creating, distributing, and monetizing apps.

This appears to be a new Microsoft Store with Android apps, and it's possible to run Android apps on Windows through the Your Phone and Link to Windows app, or through third-party software.

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