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Will Apple bring back Trump's favorite app again?


The specialized technical website Engadget explained that Apple decided to re-apply Parler to its online store App Store on iPhone phones and iPad computers. Apple had forced Parler out of its app store, App Store due to its violations and promotion of racism and hatred and its role in the storming of Trump supporters of the headquarters of the US Congress.

Apple’s decision came after Parler complied with Apple’s procedures by developing the application’s artificial intelligence systems to hide posts bearing signs of hatred and racism.

However, these posts are still available on the Android version and the web version.

Amy Bykov, executive director of the application management, said that the company allowed the maximum of Apple's policies to return to its app store, expressing her hope that Apple would accept activating a feature through which all publications of its users could be viewed, even if they bore signs of hatred or racism, in order to activate the principle of freedom of opinion.


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