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Win11 Build 23419 Preview Update: System Tray can now Hide Time and Date Display

Microsoft recently released the preview update for Win11 Build 23419, which has caught the attention of many tech enthusiasts. The update has been found to have a hidden feature that allows users to hide the time and date display in the system tray. Twitter user and Microsoft observer @PhantomOfEarth was the first to discover the hidden feature, which has garnered much attention from the community.

The Hidden Feature

After modifying the registry, users can now hide the time and date display in the system tray. This discovery has caused a buzz among netizens, with many trying out the new feature for themselves. The discovery has been credited to Twitter user @PhantomOfEarth, who was one of the first to test the new feature.

The Steps to Enable the Hidden Feature

Users who want to enable the hidden feature must follow a series of steps to do so. The first step is to open the Registry Editor. Next, users must visit HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced path. Once there, users must create a new 32-bit DWORD value named HideSystrayDateTimeValueName. Finally, users must set the value to 1. In theory, the feature should take effect immediately. However, if it does not take effect, users can try restarting their computer.

Response from the Community

The discovery of the hidden feature has generated a lot of buzz among the tech community. Many users have taken to social media to share their experience with the new feature. Twitter user @thebookisclosed also shared their experience with the feature, stating that a new "hide time and date in the system tray" option has been added in the time and date options of the settings application after enabling the feature.

Previous Reports

In February of this year, we reported that related information about "hide the taskbar clock," "hide the time and date in the system tray," and "open this to hide the time and date information in the corner of the taskbar" was found in Build 25300 string. This report sparked much interest among users who were curious about the potential for the feature.

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