Windows 11 22H2 update cannot be upgraded on dynamic disks

Microsoft released the Windows 11 2022 feature update in September. The update is being rolled out gradually to users with compatible PC devices. The system requirements have not changed since version 21H2, which means that only a supported PC is required to get the update. But according to the latest report, Microsoft appears to have blocked system updates on dynamic disks.

German media Deskmodder said its forum members noticed the problem when trying to upgrade Windows 11 version 22H2 in place on a dynamic disk. There was no problem in the previous 21H2 version. When trying to upgrade, the error message 0x8007001 pops up, which usually occurs due to disk-related issues. After the user tried swapping the install.wim file from the 22H2 setup with the 21H2, the upgrade went smoothly.

Dynamic disks provide more features than basic disks, such as the ability to create volumes on multiple disks (span-partitioned and striped), run RAID 5, etc., although it also has their limitations. However, Microsoft generally no longer recommends dynamic disks. The company instead recommends using its storage space and hardware RAID controllers to achieve what has historically been provided by dynamic disk setups. This may be one of the reasons why 22H2 installations on dynamic disks fail. Microsoft said,

Dynamic disks have been deprecated from Windows and we don't recommend using them anymore. Instead, we recommend using basic disks, or newer storage space technologies when you want to aggregate disks into large volumes. If you want to mirror the Windows boot volume, it may be more appropriate to use a hardware RAID controller, such as the one found on many motherboards.

Users can check whether it is a basic or dynamic disk by following the steps below:

Enter Disk Management by right-clicking the Start menu button, or run diskmgmt.msc in the Win+R (Run) dialog. Or right-click on This PC or Computer - Manage - Disk Management. Look at the "Volumes" tab, and the "Capacity" option. This will show whether the disk type is "Basic" or "Dynamic". It also shows the partition style, either GPT or MBR.

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