Windows 11: changing the browser just got harder


Microsoft is currently testing the next version of its operating system - Windows 11. However, among the pleasant innovations, test participants from time to time find surprises that they are not at all happy about.

Windows 11 made it even more difficult to change the default browser. Moreover, the OS ignores the default browser settings in some areas. As noted by TheVerge, the complication of changing browsers in Windows 11 has worried Microsoft's competitors in the browser market, such as Mozilla, Opera, and Vivaldi.

In Windows 11, as in Windows 10, a prompt appears when you install a new browser and open a web link for the first time. However, this is the only way to easily switch browsers. If the user does not check "always use this application", the default will not change and the user will no longer receive such generous offers. In a rush, it's incredibly easy to forget to toggle the “always use this app” option and just launch the browser you want.

If you forgot to set your default browser on the first launch, switching the default settings will get very confusing compared to Windows 10.

Microsoft has changed the way that applications are assigned by default in Windows 11. The user now needs to set the default by file or link type. In the case of Chrome, this means changing the default settings for HTM, HTML, PDF, SHTML, SVG, WEBP, XHT, XHTML, FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS.

This is an unnecessarily long process compared to Windows 10, which allows you to quickly and easily switch default applications - email, maps, browser, as well as for playing music, videos, and working with photos.

Selena Deckelmann, senior vice president of Firefox, noted:

We are increasingly concerned about the trend in Windows. Starting with Windows 10, users had to take additional and unnecessary steps to set and save default browser settings. These obstacles are confusing at best and seem to be designed to override the user's choice of a third-party browser. ”
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