Windows 11: this is everything new that Microsoft's operating system brings


This morning, in a virtual event, the presentation of the new Windows 11 was held, the new generation of the company's operating system that was officially unveiled after much of its features were leaked last week. Now Follow This Trending World Tech will give you all the details

Despite the fact that the company presented some problems with the transmission since, apparently, more people were connecting than expected, the event began with Panos Panay, director of Microsoft products, recalling that Windows has been part of our lives for 35 years.

In a video, the company shared some of the new features they include, widgets in their own panel for faster access to some tools, a focused Start Menu, better support for multiple monitors, and new ways to tile windows.

Beyond productivity or ease of use, Windows 11 also has important design details that make it different, such as new ways that light moves through icons, transparencies, new themes, and rounded corners.

On the other hand, Microsoft assured that "Windows 11 is the safest Windows so far". He also highlighted that the entire system is faster, including browsers, beyond Edge. In addition, Windows updates are 40% lighter, and therefore, they are achieved faster.

The start menu now includes a search bar that they said searches, not just the PC but OneDrive and the web so the user finds just what they need.

Regarding customization, the user can tile their windows with custom designs for their screen size. It also now includes the option of creating groups of programs and files, or several desktops with their own personalized wallpapers for different users of the same computer or for the person to go from their personal applications to the professional ones.

Window Widgets can be customized according to the needs of each user.

And, if the user has a 2-in-1 device, or uses the system for example on a tablet, the icons are adapted to make it easier to work. In addition, Windows 11 is compatible with a stylus, which will be useful if you want to use the new floating keyboard that includes emojis and voice typing.

The entertainment tab of the Microsoft Store now integrates multiple streaming services.

Integration with Teams, Android, and Xbox

Now Windows 11 integrates with Microsoft Teams so that you have direct access to video calls and all the tools available from this system that you are thinking of both for work and to keep in touch with friends and family.

Microsoft detailed that it will be easier and faster to create and join Team meetings. The application will have a prominent location in the Windows 11 Start menu and will also be integrated throughout the system.

The company noted that Teams reached 145 million daily active users in April and Microsoft launched the free version for consumers in May. Also, earlier this month, the company previewed a new "front-row" design that will hit the app later this year. It is designed to help improve hybrid work situations where some people are in the office and others join meetings remotely.

Now Windows 11 will better integrate with Xbox and offer a better gaming experience by including an HDR mode, similar to how it works on the console, which means Superior Graphics. The reason for this, Microsoft said, is that millions of people already play from Windows.

It was also anticipated that Xbox Game Pass built into Windows 11 through the Xbox application. Also, games can be loaded directly onto the graphics card, which speeds them up much more. Integrates with xCloud for cloud gaming.

Then the company pointed out that they have rebuilt the Microsoft Store from scratch and, in that sense, they assured, that now the store will allow any type of application and developers to use their own payment systems if they wish, and Microsoft will not charge them a commission.

Another announcement in this regard was that Android applications will be coming to Windows. Android applications will run natively on Windows 11 and can be downloaded from the Amazon application store, through the new Windows store that is included in the operating system. Microsoft is also partnering with Intel to use its Intel Bridge technology to make this a reality. Android apps in Windows 11 can be pinned to the taskbar or combined with traditional Windows apps.

Finally, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called Windows a democratizing force and added that Windows 11 is a completely new user experience with a more open platform and thought of creators.

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