Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one application. Unified MS Office is also available for iPads

A year after Microsoft released Office for iPhones and Android devices, a new application is also coming for iPads. From yesterday, it is possible to download MS Office 2.46 from the App Store , which will adapt to the big screen of apple tablets. Although the three core office products Word, Excel and PowerPoint can still be used separately, the new application also includes full-featured tools for viewing and editing text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. After the update, Microsoft Office also learned to sign PDFs, insert text, date, images, and various shapes.

The application was previously able to convert Word documents to PDF and, conversely, create editable Word files from PDF. You can also scan to PDF with the camera or create documents from already saved photos. Microsoft Office can also use OCR to convert images to text files or spreadsheets.

Microsoft Office for iPads can be used completely free of charge. However, tablets with a screen diagonal greater than 10.1 inches require a Microsoft 365 subscription to edit files. The latest generation of basic iPads, Airs, and Pro models therefore only need to view documents without paying. On older iPads or the Mini series, but the remaining adjustments are unlocked.

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