WPS file incident: it has never said that the local file was deleted

On July 11, the topic "WPS will delete user's local files" was on the hot search, causing heated discussions among netizens. It is reported that a screenshot of the post shows that the netizen "Mitu just wants to make money" said that he used WPS to write and edit a novel of more than one million words, which was blocked by WPS on the grounds that "the file contains prohibited content and access is prohibited", and it cannot be opened at all. . Some netizens speculated that the sensitive word detection function of WPS may lock files after detecting sensitive information, and even delete both cloud and local files.

The WPS official Weibo responded that day, "deleting user's local files" is a false rumor, because the online document link shared by a user recently is suspected of violating the rules, and WPS legally prohibits others from accessing the link. The statement about deleting the user's local files is purely misleading and will reserve the right to safeguard legitimate interests through legal channels.

After the above statement was released, the netizen "Mitu just wants to make money" posted a question again, emphasizing that his documents were completely legal and compliant, and there was no prohibited content and claimed that the blocked documents were not shared with WPS staff except for cooperating with the WPS investigation. Others have shared.

In this regard, the interface reporter contacted the poster "Mitu just wants to make money" (hereinafter referred to as Mitu), she said that the incident happened in May, and her manuscript was indeed blocked by WPS for no reason at that time and could not be opened for use, but she said that he never said that the local file was deleted. The parties emphasized that in the process of communicating with WPS, the WPS side had admitted that there were loopholes in the detection system and promised to strengthen the repair of the loopholes, rather than the official statement on July 11.

Some lawyers said that if WPS really reviewed the user's local documents, it would obviously violate the user's privacy because there must be some personal information in the document that the user does not want to disclose, and it may also violate the user's business secrets. . However, it also said that it tends not to have formal software companies to do such a thing, because (if it does not do it) WPS does not need to bear any legal obligations and risks for the content in the user's personal computer, which is also an obvious breakthrough in network services. Bottom line things.

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