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Wuling Air EV's detailed configuration announced

Wuling Air EV
Wuling Air EV

Wuling Motors announced the detailed configuration information of the Air EV today. The two-seater version and the four-seater version each provide two configuration options: the standard version and the advanced version.

Exterior design: The Air EV adopts a minimalist appearance and is matched with four car colors: white, blue, gray, and coffee. The new car is equipped with full-car LED lights, front/rear through lights, Wuling luminous logo, rear fog lights, LED high-mounted brake lights...etc.

Cockpit: Air EV provides two interior layouts, two-seater, and four-seater, dark and light two-color interior options, and the advanced version is equipped with leather seats. The new owner's co-driver supports four-way adjustment; the rear seats of the four-seater version support 5/5-point reclining and independent reclining, and the trunk space can reach up to 704L.

Technological configuration: The Air EV is equipped with a 10.25-inch dual screen and equipped with Wuling's self-developed Ling OS Lingxi system. At the same time, Air EV supports mobile app remote car control, which can remotely view the status of the vehicle, and can realize functions such as Bluetooth key, air conditioning control, remote start, remote opening and closing of doors, lifting windows, scheduled charging, and query of the remaining battery power of the vehicle.

Power endurance: The Air EV provides a cruising range of 300km, and the four-seater version is equipped with a 50kW high-efficiency motor. The new car provides three charging modes: DC fast charging, AC charging pile, household socket + charging gun. The four-seater version is equipped with DC fast charging, and the official said that it only takes 45 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%.

Wuling said that in terms of active safety, the new car is equipped with ESC body electronic stability system, ABS anti-lock braking system + EBD braking force distribution system, tire pressure monitoring, automatic parking, hill assist, etc. In terms of passive safety, the Air EV Qingkong adopts a cage body structure, and the high-strength steel of the frame accounts for 62% and has passed the crash test of the whole vehicle.

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