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Wuling Hongguang MINIEV DC fast charging upgrade package is priced at 4,500 yuan

Yesterday Wuling announced the official launch of the "Easy Charge" service. In response to the pain points of users' anxiety about battery life when they go out, and the pain points of public charging piles are mostly DC charging, the DC fast charging upgrade service was launched.

Users can purchase Wuling Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY (optional fast charging package version); at the same time, old users can also install DC fast charging upgrade package in the future. This service is the first to be applied on GAMEBOY, and will be applied in the future. on other models.

Today, Wuling announced some details of the "easy charging" service, including the price of the DC fast charging upgrade package and the fast charging time. According to the official introduction, the DC fast charging upgrade package (rear-mounted) is priced at 4,500 yuan, and the 6.6KW DC fast charging time is 1.8 hours (200km) and 2.5 hours (300km) . Note: The charging capacity is SOC 30%~80% , DC charging in pile condition. It can also communicate with LING Club, and the charging status can be monitored in real time.

At the same time, in the self-built house charging scenario, users can install a 2.2kW surface-mounted waterproof protection socket; in open scenarios such as urban residential parking spaces, users can choose a 2.2kW charging socket assembly with anti-theft power function, 2.2kW surface-mounted waterproof protection The socket and 2.2kW charging socket assembly are priced at 188 yuan and 266 yuan respectively.

For users who want to improve charging efficiency, Wuling also provides 3.5kW/7kW household AC charging piles. The 3.5kW AC charging pile is priced from 688 yuan and supports one-key switch of mobile phone Bluetooth, which is officially claimed and easier to approve. The 7kW AC charging pile starts from 1200 yuan, supports Bluetooth + card swipe to start to prevent stealing, and high-power charging is faster.

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