Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said Amazon Bezos apologized to him for not taking good care of Joyo.com

Lei Jun's annual speech "Perception of crossing the trough of life" in 2022 arrived as scheduled. In addition to sharing personal insights in this annual speech, Lei Jun also brought 10 new products including Xiaomi's new folding screen mobile phone MIX Fold2 and Redmi K50 Extreme Edition.

In his speech, Lei Jun mentioned the story of founding Joyo.com in 2000. Lei Jun took two or three years to make Joyo.com become the largest B2C e-commerce company at that time. But later, because the capital market environment was too poor, it could not raise money, and finally had to sell it to Amazon reluctantly.

Lei Jun said that after seeing him later, Bezos said, I'm sorry, I didn't take good care of excellence.

When someone asked Lei Jun if he regretted selling Zhuoyue, Lei Jun said that he was actually very tormented, very painful, and was trying to cut the feelings of Zhuoyue. We have missed the entire Internet era." Lei Jun said with emotion, that Jooyo.com was founded after the burst of the Internet bubble and before the full rise of e-commerce.

Summing up the experience, Lei Jun thinks it is bad luck, and he doesn't care too much about the choice of timing.

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