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Xiaopeng G9 will be launched on September 21st

According to Xiaopeng Motors official WeChat, the Xiaopeng G9 launch conference time is scheduled for September 21st.

As a new pure electric medium and large SUV built by Xpeng Motors, the Xpeng G9 is built on the basis of the X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture and is equipped with rich configurations such as the Xpilot 4.0 assisted driving system.

In terms of appearance, the Xiaopeng G9 continues the family's "X ROBAT FACE" design concept, adopts the design of a closed grille, through-type daytime running lights, independent headlights, and through-type air outlets, and the lidars on the left and right sides are perfectly integrated into the front. Headlights are in design. In terms of body size, according to different models, Xiaopeng G9 has a length, width, and height of 4891*1937*1680 (1670) mm and a wheelbase of 2998 mm. The use of front double wishbone independent suspension, rear five-link independent suspension, dual-chamber air suspension + electromagnetic active adjustment shock absorber makes the adjustment range of the vehicle suspension wider and can provide better comfort and fun to manipulate.

In terms of interior, Xiaopeng G9 adopts an embracing cockpit design, equipped with a full LCD instrument, a 14.96-inch center control screen and a 14.96-inch co-pilot screen composed of a dual screen, which can realize the interconnection of three screens. At the same time, the car system has a built-in 8155 chip and is equipped with a new full-scene voice system, which can realize four-tone zone voice and can be used in the state of no network.

It is worth mentioning that the Xiaopeng G9 is equipped with a full-scene 5D immersive cockpit , equipped with the original Dynaudio Confidence advanced audio system, 28 acoustic units in the whole car, with a total power of 2250w, equipped with a 7.1.4 multi-channel music system, and supports Dolby Panoramic sound (Dolby Atmos) technology, with ultra-low frequency music rhythm seat (with various comfort functions, such as leg support, massage, etc.). In terms of human-vehicle interaction, the Xpeng G9 is equipped with the industry's first mass-produced 3D human-computer interaction system, which is jointly developed based on in-depth cooperation with the Unity 3D rendering engine.

In terms of power, Xiaopeng G9 will provide two sets of power systems: two-wheel drive single motor and four-wheel drive dual motor. The maximum power of the single motor is 230kW (312 horsepower), and the maximum power of the dual motors is 175kW (238 horsepower) / 230kW (312 horsepower), to achieve a 3-second acceleration experience. Equipped with ternary lithium battery, the cruising range exceeds 700km. In terms of charging, Xiaopeng G9 is equipped with the first 800V ultra-fast charging platform mass-produced in China. It can be used with Xiaopeng's self-built S4 ultra-fast charging station to achieve vehicle-pillar coordination, charging 10%-80% into 15 minutes Times, 5 minutes of charging, 200 kilometers of battery life.

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