Xpeng begins deliveries of the P7 flagship sedan in Europe


Xpeng began shipping its flagship Xpeng P7 sedan in Europe on Tuesday, underscoring the Chinese EV maker's ambition to expand internationally.

A batch of Xpeng P7s was sent from the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou to Norway. This is the first time that Xpeng has sent its flagship sedan to the market outside of China. Norway is the first international market for Xpeng and has already delivered several units of its Xpeng G3 SUV there. According to government figures, 54% of all new cars sold in Norway in 2020 were electric, making the market attractive to automakers. Xpeng's rival Nio also plans to start shipping cars to Norway this year.

Xpeng noted that a localized Norwegian version of the P7 rolled off the assembly line at its Zhaoqing plant in southern China's Guangdong province. The Guangzhou-based automaker also said in a press release that it is accelerating the pace of building a full-blown Norwegian venture that includes customer service, sales, delivery, services, and chargers.

Xpeng is ramping up production capacity and launching new models as competition intensifies in China's electric vehicle market. Xpeng said this month that it plans to double production capacity at one of its key factories. Earlier this year, the company launched another sedan called the P5, which starts at a lower price point than the Tesla Model 3.

In July, Xpeng said it shipped 8,040 vehicles, a monthly record and an increase of 228% over the same period last year.

In China, the top version costs less than $ 40,000.

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