Xpeng G9 naming logic, price, and configuration have been fully adjusted

On September 21, Xiaopeng G9 was officially launched, with a total of 6 models, priced at 309,900-469,900 yuan, and is expected to be delivered on a large scale in the fourth quarter. At that time, Xiaopeng G9 models included 570G, 570E, 702E, 650E performance version, 650X performance version, and 650X launch commemorative version.

Today, Xiaopeng Motors officially stated that the launch of the Xiaopeng G9 on September 21 has attracted widespread attention, and it has also received a lot of feedback on product prices and configurations. Based on the feedback from the majority of users that the choice of product configuration is difficult and the selection cost is high, Xiaopeng Motors spent two days readjusting the product naming logic and price configuration, reducing the difficulty of user selection, and standardizing smart and luxury configurations.

From the information released by Xiaopeng Motors, Xiaopeng G9 abandoned the naming method of "G", "E" and "X", but adopted the "CLTC cruising range + Plus / Pro / Max" named, and two new models have been added.

  • 570 Plus is priced at 309,900 yuan

  • 570 Pro is priced at 329,900 yuan

  • 570 Max is priced at 349,900 yuan

  • 702 Pro is priced at 349,900 yuan

  • 702 Max sells for 369,900 yuan

  • 650 performance version Pro (four-wheel drive / dual-chamber suspension) is priced at 399,900 yuan

  • 650 performance version Max (four-wheel drive / dual-chamber suspension) is priced at 419,900 yuan

  • 650 Commemorative Edition (four-wheel drive / dual-chamber suspension) is priced at 469,900 yuan

In terms of models, Xpeng G9 added two new models, 570 Max and 702 Max; the previous 650X performance version was changed to "650 performance version Max", and the price was adjusted to 419,900 yuan. In terms of configuration, the Pro and Max models are equipped with a 5D music cockpit as standard; the Max models are equipped with the XNGP intelligent driving assistance system as standard, and hardware such as dual lidars are added. The optional package was previously priced at 28,000 yuan.

As a new pure electric medium and large SUV built by Xpeng Motors, Xpeng G9 is based on X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture, equipped with Xpilot 4.0 assisted driving system, etc.

According to Xiaopeng Motors, the Xiaopeng G9 will be the first mass-produced car based on the 800V high-voltage SiC platform in China. It can be charged for 5 minutes and has a range of 200 kilometers. The mass-produced 800V high-voltage charging system will be installed within the year, with a maximum power of 480kW and a maximum current of 670A.

In terms of power, Xiaopeng G9 will provide two sets of power systems: two-wheel drive single motor and four-wheel drive dual motor. The maximum power of the single motor is 230kW (312 horsepower), and the maximum power of the dual motors is 175kW (238 horsepower)/230kW (312 horsepower), respectively. Equipped with a ternary lithium battery, the cruising range exceeds 700km.

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