Yandex carsharing began to reward good drivers with a ruble - 15% per trip

The Yandex.Drive service team announced the launch of a new incentive system for good drivers.

In June, Yandex.Drive created a "driving profile" for each user. Then a system of punishments for violators was introduced and the developers announced that the conditions of access to the service will now depend on the driver's status - an increase or decrease in prices, as well as a temporary or permanent blocking in case of prolonged disregard of the rules.

As the developers have now noted, after the launch of the "Driving Profile" in Drive in June, users began to drive cars more accurately - the number of sudden accelerations decreased by 30%, braking - by 16%, and Overspeed cases decreased by 21%.

As a result of the introduction of the new driving analysis model, 90% of users received the status of "good driver" - the period from June 6 to August 1 was taken into account.

In honor of this, an additional incentive is being introduced - if you regularly drive carefully and safely, the driver will receive 15% Yandex.Plus points for each trip. Points can be spent on subscriptions and trips to Yandex.Drive and Yandex.Taxi, orders in Yandex.Lavka and Yandex.Food, paying for gasoline in Yandex.Fuel stations, purchases on Yandex.Market, or theater and cinema tickets on Yandex.Afishe.

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