Yandex has launched a service for checking Yandex.Stations


The Yandex team, together with the popular free Russian service for posting ads Avito, has launched a special online service that will allow you to hedge when you buy a smart speaker the Yandex.Station series from your hands.

The fact is that you can buy it "by subscription". If the owner of such a column decided to sell the device without completing the payments, then it will not be possible to link it to the new account - therefore, there is no point in buying it.

The new service at allows you to check the column identifier (SN or UUID), and find out if the column can work on another account or if it was purchased by subscription.

On the underside of the column, there is a sticker with the UUID and SN number, any of them will do for verification - a number after the colon is required. One user can make no more than 10 requests per month.

In total, Yandex's line of smart speakers now includes four models - standard Yandex.Station, Yandex.Station Mini, Yandex.Station Max and Yandex.Station Light. Offers for the sale of such stations can be found in abundance on Avito.

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