Yandex.Music has turned into a control panel

The Yandex team has updated the Yandex.Music mobile application, adding a new convenient function for users of Yandex.Station smart speakers. Now, using the Yandex.Music application, you can connect to the Station to play podcast tracks and episodes on it, adjust the volume, mark tracks, and switch between smart speakers if there are several of them in the house.

So far, this feature is only available on Yandex smart speakers (Station, Light, Max, Mini). To control playback on the speaker from the Yandex.Music application, you need to select a device from the list - the switch button is located in the upper right corner of the player. The station and the phone must be in the same Wi-Fi network, and the speaker itself must be registered to the same Yandex ID as in the application. In this case, the sound will not be interrupted when talking on the phone, watching a video on it, or using the camera.

The Yandex.Music applications can also automatically connect to a voice-enabled smart device, and the user can see what the speaker is playing right now. Over time, the functionality is planned to be expanded.

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