Yandex will get rid of telephone spammers for free


The Yandex team announced the launch of a new useful feature in the mobile application of the same name. The Yandex application with automatic caller ID (Caller ID) now has a blocking of unnecessary calls from unknown numbers.

As the developers promise, now millions of application users can protect themselves from calls that only interfere with them. The new feature is available in the Yandex application for iOS and Android.

Caller ID in Yandex is able to block two types of calls - with advertising of financial services and unwanted, presumably from intruders, collectors, and so on. According to the developers' calculations, by blocking both types, you can get rid of 70% of unnecessary calls. Owners of Android devices can also switch them to silent mode and see a list of missed calls.

Call blocking can be enabled for free in the caller ID settings or with the help of Alice's voice assistant with the command: "Alice, turn on call blocking." "Alice" will find the appropriate section in the settings, and the user will have to choose which calls to block.

To identify unwanted calls, Yandex uses its own database of numbers, which is replenished, among other things, with the help of user reviews, which tell who and why called. The final decision about the purpose of the call is made by an algorithm based on machine learning. In addition to reviews, it takes into account the frequency and duration of calls from the number and many other factors.

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