YouTube Music is finally available for Wear OS smartwatches


It's been almost a year since Google shut down Google Play Music in favor of YouTube Music, and since then, Wear OS smartwatches have been left without an official way to connect to Google's music streaming service. YouTube Music is now finally available for download on Wear OS.

Note that the YouTube Music app became available for Apple smartwatches in October 2020, but Google was in no hurry with a similar release for the proprietary platform.

The app offers access to all playlists, selections, and of course, playback controls. Support for offline playback and storage of music is provided - you can leave your smartphone at home while going for a run.

Limited availability becomes a fly in the ointment. The app can only be installed on the Wear OS 3 platform, which so far is only available on the newest watches - Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Moreover, most of the existing watch models will never receive the update to Wear OS 3.

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