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Zombies, planes, racing, mini coolers, what's next in the world of video games


Being one of the industries that have grown the most in recent months, the big video game companies promise us that we will increasingly experience more immersive titles, new game modes, better graphics, and resolution. Xbox, starting with the arrival of its next-generation console, has accelerated the development and launch of titles and now we know that they are preparing zombie stories, airplanes, races, in addition to their commented mini-refrigerator.

At E3, the Microsoft company gave us a glimpse of what to expect. Here we tell you what were some of the most important announcements.

It should be noted that the brand plans to launch 30 games, 27 of which will be available on its Xbox Games Pass subscription service.

One of the titles that attracted attention, especially since it was leaked online hours before the official presentation, was Starfield, a completely new space RPG that was created by Bethesda, the game studio that Microsoft bought together with ZeniMax Media. for 7.5 billion dollars. Its launch is scheduled for November 11, 2022.

It's a game we've dreamed of playing, and it wasn't until now that we have the hardware, the technology, and the team is working hard at home to make that dream come true, said Todd Howard, director of Bethesda Game Studios during the event.

Another one that got users excited is the upcoming Halo Infinite that will launch this fall as planned. The company showed some new images of the game, although it did not offer many details beyond saying that it will be the biggest challenge so far and announced that the multiplayer option will be free to download.

It also announced a new horror title, STALKER 2, which will be based in Chernobyl and based on a zombie chase. It is scheduled to launch on April 28, 2022.

An exciting announcement

The company also showed its next great racing game, Forza Horizon 5, which deserves a separate mention, not only because it was created to take advantage of the next-generation technology incorporated in the newest Xbox consoles but because the company decided to set it in Mexico.

Microsoft stated that the game's developers captured photos and videos from various locations in our country to make sure it looks as realistic as possible. The company even said that there is a ton of street art to see. Guanajuato will be one of the places where you can enjoy ultra-realistic races.

Forza Horizon 5, which will feature several new game modes, will arrive on November 9 and will be available as part of the Game Pass subscription.

On the other hand, Flight Simulator, which will arrive on Xbox on July 27, will have a version with the hit movie Top Gun: Maverick, which is scheduled to hit theaters in November.

Others worth mentioning are Left 4 Dead, which will be released on October 12; Sea of ​​Thieves: The Life of a Pirate, an online multiplayer that will receive a free update on June 22 with new characters and an original story based on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, there is even Jack Sparrow; Twelve Minutes, a story title that will be released on August 19; Redfall, a cooperative shooter game where you fight vampires and will arrive in 2022; Party Animals where your mission will be to throw your opponents from a plane will be launched in 2022; Hades, the game that won the Best Action Game award at the Game Awards will arrive on Game Pass on August 13; and Age of Empires IV will be available on October 28 for PC.

Finally, Microsoft also said that its Xbox mini-fridge, which started out as a joke based on a meme, is actually coming to life and will be released this year.

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