To become a most trusted Science and Technology Media and deliver truth happening in Science and Technology World

Deliver the most trusted science and technology happening around to show the truth from the universe in limelight.


Follow This Trending world started its journey on 5th September 2017 as fun to share the latest science news on our Facebook page Follow This Trending World. On 5th February 2018, we moved to google blogger to deliver the latest science news in any part of the world because we found the limitation in Facebook. From bloggers we start to share the latest science news in different platforms like tumblr, Google Plus, Mewe, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, CIS, Linkedin...etc. Lately we started writing separate articles in WeMedia for Latest Science news.


In 2018 December first YouTube Channel formed for Follow This Trending World. YouTube channel formed in our founder name and it shut down due to bad experiences from customers because we used robotic voice for providing information. Lately in 2019 December new YouTube Channel started (Follow This Trending World). In July 2019 Follow This Trending World available in Dailymotion.com. In 2018 started a Vimeo Channel and in 2020 a video channel started in Jettv.co


In 2019 May we started a new blogger and Facebook page (Follow This Trending Galaxy) for gadgets and technology news. Lately a YouTube channel formed Technology news and games. (first it was used for playing live games lately it changed and used for both purposes sharing gadgets and games updates). 


In 6th February 2020 we moved both Follow This Trending World and Follow This Trending Galaxy from blogger to new platform.


In 7th February 2020 new Follow This Trending World formed. Now we will handle Follow This Trending World and Follow This Trending Galaxy jobs in one pages.

In 2021 February we bring back Follow This Trending World old website pages in different names as  Follow This Trending Science, Follow This Trending World Tech. 

On December 20 we formed a new Youtube channel (Game Plays)for showing the game's updates.

Follow This Trending World, follow This Trending Science, Follow This Trending World Tech...etc are owned by Follow This Trending Network 2017. Our company incorporation under progress...