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QQ Music Windows PC version 19.06 is launched

FTT Galaxy

24 Dec 2022

QQ Music Windows PC version 19.06 is launched and it supports Zhenpin mastering / Hi-Res lossless and other functions

QQ Music Windows PC has launched version 19.06.0, which brings functions such as master tape, panoramic sound, and Hi-Res lossless sound quality.


  • "Zhenpin Master Tape" uses the new neural network technology to deeply restore the quality of the master tape, making the music as real as the recording scene

  • "Zhenpin Panorama" QQ music self-made spatial audio, enjoy songs immersively

  • "Sound quality upgrade" lossless sound quality standard upgrade, high-resolution lossless

  • "(Hi-Res lossless) up to 192kHz / 24bit

A year ago, QQ Music launched Hi-Res sound quality music, and now "Hi-Res" has been upgraded to "Hi-Res Lossless Quality". Under the newly improved standard, the highest resolution can reach 24bit / 192kHz At the same time, the highest resolution of "SQ lossless quality" is also increased to 24bit / 48kHz.

In addition, the QQ music industry is the first to create a "premium master tape", which uses a new neural network technology to repair the low frequency of the audio source. Then it restores the frequency spectrum of the high-frequency band, combining it into a sound source that is close to the sound quality of the master tape. The official said that the "Zhenpin Mastering" technology would cover the TOP50,000 albums, and about 500,000 songs will more realistically restore the high-fidelity sound of the mastering.

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