A modern technology that makes cancer cells self-destructive

Researchers at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, have created a revolutionary technique that promises to cure cancer, through new technology that makes tumors destroy themselves.

According to the Medical Express, the researchers modified a common virus that affects the respiratory system, which is one of the adenoviruses, in order to transfer genes to cancer cells directly and quickly.

The scientists explained that the modified virus is used as a Trojan horse to transmit genes to cancerous tumors.

According to the researchers, this new method does not harm healthy cells, unlike radiation and chemical treatments used. Because the genes, once they reach the cancer cells, cause the tumors to destroy themselves from the inside out. Because it acts as a model for antibodies to proteins secreted by cancer cells, such as cytokines and others.

Professor Sheena Smith, who leads the research team, added that the new technology they have developed aims to fool a cancerous tumor into destroying itself by itself without harming healthy cells.

The research team launched the new technology called SHREAD and conducted their experiments on mice and reached the ability of SHREAD to produce antibodies to breast cancer. Using 3D imaging techniques, the researchers demonstrated the effectiveness of the new technique in creating pores in the blood vessels of the tumor and destroying the cancerous tumor itself.

The research team confirms that the modern technology SHREAD will not be limited to cancerous tumors only, but can be used to deliver biological drugs inside the body.

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