A new desktop feature from Instagram

The popular Instagram photos and videos application is testing a new desktop feature that allows users to create and edit posts on their computers. The new feature allows you to drag and drop pictures and videos, edit and crop them, put filters and point to people and locations so that the user interface looks very similar to the interface of the application on mobile phones.

The long-awaited launch date has not been indicated, but it is currently being tested internally and could be launched later this year. This new feature could be useful for people who are using the popular application to share photos and videos from computers.

It is reported that Instagram always puts most of the features of the mobile application, including this function of the ability to create and edit posts. And talk began last year about the interest of Instagram in applying it to the desktop and allowing the creation and modification of posts.

A few days ago, Facebook introduced a set of new features for its messaging applications, including the addition of the feature to see the status in the incoming mail on Instagram. This feature means that just by looking at your inbox, you will know whether the person you recently messaged with has seen a special status or not.

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