Agree app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac makes it easy to create polls without social media


Enter Agree that lets you make iPhone polls iPad and Mac too with a clean and beautiful interface, notifications once everyone has voted, themes, and more.

Agree comes from skilled developer Shihab Mehboob, creator of apps like Textcraft and sharp custom icon packs for iOS. Agree offers a clean and native iOS and macOS experience to make iPhone polls and come to a consensus on anything you’d like.

If you want to use Agree with, you need to use an iCloud account.

It’s super simple to pick up and use, and built with iOS design guidelines in mind to look great in light and dark mode alike. It contains multiple tints and themes to tweak the app your way, so you can make it your own. Also, the intuitive swipe gestures to vote on polls coupled with the keyboard shortcuts make using the app a joy.

Agree features the option to duplicate polls, add date/time to complete the poll, push notifications for when voting has finished, keyboard shortcuts, and syncing/sharing via iCloud.

You can keep things private, direct, and customized by avoiding Facebook, Twitter, and other social media for polls.

Agree is a free universal app available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac and if you’d like to unlock 40+ alternate icons, tints, unlimited options in polls, and support Shihab, Agree+ is a one-time in-app purchase for $4.99.


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