Amazon confirms the start date of Amazon Prime Day 2021 on June 21


Amazon has officially set June 21 for the launch of Amazon Prime Day 2021, with the event ending on June 22. Amazon shared a recent press release in which it confirmed the date of the annual Amazon Prime Day 2021 event, which will start in the last quarter of this month.

A previous report from Bloomberg indicated that the annual Amazon Prime Day event, which often lasts for several days, kicks off this year for only two days. In statements issued when announcing its financial report for the first quarter, Amazon also clarified the company’s plans to move the Amazon Prime Day 2021 event to the second quarter of this general.

An Amazon executive also indicated that the Prime event will start in June and that sales offers will continue this year for two days only. The event is also scheduled to include offers from Prime members of up to two million offers worldwide and in all categories.

It is reported that some expectations indicate that Amazon will launch this year two annual Amazon Prime Day events, and the second event is expected to launch during the month of October.


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