Amazon is trying a new technology by opening a hair salon


Amazon opens a hairdressing salon in London's East End Spitalfields, where it says it will try the latest industrial technology. This includes an augmented reality application that allows customers to see different hairstyles and colors on them before they make a decision about the change.

And unlike the company's Cashierless Go grocery stores (which expanded to London last month), the Amazon salon does not appear to be a launching pad for the foray into the industry.

Amazon said, this will be a test place where we showcase new products and technologies,. There are no current plans to open any other Amazon salon sites.

It looks more like a humble marketing ploy aimed at signaling the company's ambitions in the fashion and beauty sectors in general, as Amazon has struggled to create internal routes against specialty stores.

Amazon Salon's arrival in London comes after the company launched the Amazon Professional Beauty Store in the UK, an online storefront that sells wholesale spa and salon products to businesses.

The Amazon salon will occupy more than 1,500 square feet of space on two floors at a location on Birchfield Street. In addition to using AR apps to cut hair (and get an actual haircut), visitors will be able to test a new mentoring and learning technology that allows them to 'simply point at the product they're interested in on the display rack' to display more information and purchase options on a display Close.


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