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Ancient Astronomy: The Fascination of Our Ancestors

Our ancestors had a fascination with the skies that was unrivaled. They built massive structures to make extremely detailed observations of the heavens, but the question is why. Why did the ancients construct such huge buildings to observe the skies when they didn't have to? It's hard for us to understand why one would build a gigantic monument out of stones when it seems the hard way to do it, and it is unclear where they would have gotten the budget to do so. All sorts of mysteries surround the construction of these monuments, and why they were built.

Ancient Astronomy

One theory suggests that instead of just observing the skies, these structures were erected using knowledge from visitors from another world. This idea is known as the ancient astronaut theory. This theory tries to establish whether or not extraterrestrials visited Earth in the remote past. But why do we think it's even remotely possible that people of prehistory were visited by aliens?

Ancient Texts

Ancient texts from cultures around the world speak of mysterious beings cruising the skies and chariots of fire, bringing humanity wisdom from the cosmos. The Mahabharata, an ancient Indian epic that is their equivalent of the Bible, is packed with stories of gods who, a long long time ago, flew around in marvelous golden sky ships referred to as Vimanas. These texts are also very specific in mentioning that they are machines made out of metal and describe their weaponry, with some Vimanas having the capability of cloaking themselves to become invisible. All this may sound like crazy science fiction, but was it really science fiction? That's the big question.

Cosmic Eggs

The South Americans, Asians, and Egyptians all have mythologies that speak of beings who came to Earth aboard cosmic eggs. These cosmic eggs appear in virtually every single creation story of each culture all around the world. They all begin the same way - one day the heavens opened and a silver cosmic egg descended from the sky, and these gods came out of these eggs and taught mankind in various disciplines.


The ancient astronaut theory may sound far-fetched, but the similarities between ancient texts from cultures around the world make it an intriguing possibility. The construction of massive structures for astronomical observation and the similarities in creation stories from different cultures raise many questions about the true origins of our ancestors' fascination with the skies. As we continue to uncover more information about our past, we may one day have the answers to these mysteries.

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