Apple exaggerates the taking of commissions in a disgusting way

After many criticisms against Apple over its application store policies, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Expedia stated that the store exaggerates the taking of commissions in a disgusting way.

Diller told CNBC said, the notion that they justify it by saying they are spending all this money to protect their app store. It is a criminal act.

It is noteworthy that Apple gets a 30% commission on in-app transactions for large developers, while the company lowered the percentage to 15% for some small developers recently due to the many criticisms.

Diller, I think when you get to that high level, regulation is needed. I grew up in the television business, which has been completely regulated by the FCC with really strict procedures. And everyone thrived in the field at the very least.

Moreover, he noted that proper organization makes sense, and when a company has the size and strength, it has to be organized.

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