Apple Store and AppleCare employees will receive bonuses of up to $ 1000

Apple Store employees will receive a hefty $ 1,000 bonus this year. Those who joined the company before March of this year will receive a $ 1,000 bonus, Bloomberg reports. New employees will receive $ 500 each, which is also very good. This information came from reliable sources Bloomberg and 9to5Mac.

Bonuses will be an unusual benefit as Apple rarely pays out company-wide bonuses. The last major one is limited-access stocks worth $ 2,500 in 2018. This bonus follows tax changes that have allowed Apple to profitably recover cash from offshore accounts. According to people, the new bonuses will be paid in cash in the form of salaries and not in the form of goods. - Bloomberg

Apple Store employees aren't the only ones to get the bonus this year. AppleCare employees and employees of online sales channels also receive the same bonuses. According to 9to5Mac, the reason the Cupertino-based company provides such bonuses is that it wants to retain its employees before and after the holidays. The iPhone 13 is a very important launch for the company, so Apple will need all the workforce it has to keep customers happy.

Analyst Horace Dediu claims the iPhone 13 is "the most important iPhone in history," and he also posted a very interesting chart that shows price trends for all Apple smartphone models released since 2007.

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